Modelling Transport

“Modelling Transport”, by Juan de Dios Ortúzar, Luis G . Willumsen

Transport planning, infrastructure project evaluation and policy making, particularly at the urban level, continue to be important issues in the 21st century. Transport modelling requires mathematical techniques in order to make predictions, which can then be utilised in planning and design. This is the basis for improved decision-making and planning in the transport arena. Building on the tremendous success of the previous editions, the new Modelling Transport continues to be the state of the art text in its field.

As before, this third edition provides comprehensive and rigorous information and guidance, enabling readers to make practical use of every available technique. Presenting the following features: A substantially updated section on data collection techniques An examination of the latest topical modelling approaches, including new material on Probit Model estimation (now possible in practice) and Mixed Logit specification and estimation New treatment of joint time-of-travel and assignment modelling Significant new material on Stated Preferences Added coverage of travel time valuation and, importantly, of the valuation of externalities such as accidents and environmental effects This book is the leader in its subject area, and gives the reader a unique contemporary account of key transport modelling techniques and applications. As before, each subject is approached as a modelling exercise with discussion of the roles of theory, data, model specification, estimation, validation and application.

Techniques are included for selecting the right level of analysis and detail for modelling purposes, as well as how to adapt existing tools to serve the needs of regular updating of models and plans. Graduate and postgraduate students in transport engineering and planning, practicing transport engineers, consultants, planners and professional societies, as well as government agencies and district and city councils will find this an essential and valuable text.


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