Are We Aware of the Two-wheelers Around Us?

This posting was taken from my friend’s blog :

An interesting story titled “Here come the “two-wheelers” appeared in the Tribune and was also reported online on This is in line with our earlier Blog post “Petrol price might increase the bikers sharing the road”. A few interesting observations in the story are:

– Many South Africans are switching from cars to two-wheelers, such as scooters or small motorcycles.
– Locals in Durban were opting for motorcycles or scooters primarily to save fuel and considered it a bonus to be able to move through traffic easily, whereas Johannesburg residents cited traffic problems as their chief reason for switching.
– According to the Association of Motorcycle Importers and Distributors (Amid), sales started picking up in 2004.
– Some of the biggest motorcycle dealerships in Durban, including Suzuki, Honda and Cycle Craft Yamaha confirmed almost all customers looking for scooters were doing so because of the increase in the petrol price.
– Vespa South Africa said in a press release sales of the “stylish” two-wheelers had increased by 50 percent a year since their launch in this country in 2003.
– The same trend towards two-wheelers is happening elsewhere, with American sales up 24 percent in the first quarter of this year in the heart of the US winter, when the weather makes bike or scooter riding less pleasant.
– One drawback is safety on roads congested with cars, taxis and trucks.
– According to research, one of the hazards riders face is that motorists simply do not see the bikes and scooters and cut in front of them.

With this increase it becomes more important that these motorcyclists continue to place an emphasis on safety – and for other road users to be more aware of these road users around them.

The Arrive Alive Road Safety Website and this Blog would like to urge new owners to join road safety awareness organizations such as Think Bike and sharpen their riding skills through initiatives such as OTRE [On Track Riding Experience].

We will ask the members of Think Bike to provide their safety suggestions and share these with road users considering motorcycling as a mode of transport.

NOTES from RizkiBeo :

How about the cities in Indonesia? Yogyakarta, one of oldest cities in Indonesia, have a lot of problems in motorcycling. We have 15 percent growth rate of motorcycles every year. 6.000 to 8.000 new motorcycles have been launched every month!! And now, 8 from 10 accidents is always occur with motorcycle’s involving!!



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