Technical Data of Boeing 737-200 Crashed in Kyrgyzstan

Date of Accident:24 August 2008

Airline:Itek Air

Aircraft:Boeing 737-219(Adv)

Location:Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Previous Registrations:HP1288CMP, N318CM, ZK-NAS

Flight Number:6895



Line Number:676

Engine Manufacturer:Pratt & Whitney

Engine Model:JT8D-15

Year of Delivery:1980

Accident Description:The aircraft, operating a chartered passenger flight to Meshkhed, Iran on behalf of Iran Asseman Airlines, crashed shortly after takeoff from the capital city of Bishkek. The 737 suffered some sort of mechanical failure minutes after takeoff, and was attempting to return to the airport when it crashed several miles from the field. Most of the fuselage was destroyed and there was a large post-impact fire.

(source :, Photo Copyright: Oleg Revin)


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