Spain defends air safety after Spanair crash

MADRID, Aug 25 (Reuters) – The Spanish government defended its air safety regulations on Monday after last week’s Spanair crash killed 154 people.

“The air transport system is safe and trustworthy … the safety control system we have, while it can be improved, is very efficient and meets global standards,” said the civil aviation head for the public works ministry, Manuel Bautista.

Only 18 people survived after a MD-82 Spanair jet crashed on take-off for a flight to the Canary Islands on Wednesday.

Relatives of the dead have accused Spanair of allowing the plane to fly despite technical problems. The airline has denied the charges.

The Spanish government has promised a comprehensive investigation into the causes of the crash, Spain’s worst aviation disaster since 1983.

Bautista declined to provide details of the investigation which he said was ongoing and independent of the ministry.

“I don’t wish to contaminate or offer my opinions on the investigation until it is finalised,” he said. (Reporting by Paul Day; editing by Elizabeth Piper)



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