Transantiago technology will be fully implemented

Friday 5 September 2008

216 Vitacura-La Pintana

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Transantiago technology will be fully implemented

Technology on Chilean capital Santiago’s mass transport system Transantiago will be fully implemented once a new firm has been hired to provide the service, an official from the country’s transport and telecommunications ministry (MTT) told Business News Americas.

The system’s technology is no longer being provided by Chilean firm Sonda, which was selected as the tech provider in an international tender process held before the system was launched.

In the meantime, operators have installed GPS systems on their buses and staff members monitor the fleet, making sure the vehicles complete their respective routes in the time expected. Simultaneously, MTT officials monitor operations from the bus stations, the official said.

Last week, transport minister René Cortázar gave an ultimatum to Transantiago bus operators to improve their services, giving them one month to implement permanent solutions.

The Sonda saga

Sonda’s inefficient IT system is blamed for most of the faults in Transantiago’s performance and for the estimated 20 per cent fare evasion suffered by the system.

The system was initially scheduled to launch in May 2005 but the date was pushed back a number of times by then-President Ricardo Lagos, who argued that the infrastructure was not yet ready for Transantiago to operate as expected.

At the time, Sonda president Andrés Navarro strongly criticized Lagos in the local media for delaying the startup date, arguing his firm had wasted a great amount of time to have the necessary technology fully ready by then.

However the truth is, it was never ready to operate as promised in the tender documents submitted by the tech firm.

In 2007, Navarro said he would resign from Sonda if the system had not been fixed by December of that year but a solution was never offered. However, Navarro continues to head the company, which posted a US$25.2 million profit for the first half of 2008.

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