Robot supplies traffic safety systems to Lithuania

Robot Visual System has been awarded an international order to supply 150 stationary as well as further mobile radar speed monitoring systems. During the course of this year the company’s MultaRadar S580 state-of-the-art traffic safety systems will be deployed on Lithuania‘s roads, as the company continues to expand its position as a leading provider of state-of-the art monitoring systems in Eastern Europe.

For stationary monitoring, Robot’s new S580 is equipped with the latest Robot digital camera which is the standard upon which digital traffic surveillance is based. The 11 megapixels camera is eminently suited to surveillance of intersections or multiple lanes, while the digital camera is designed for pin-sharp photo and rapid further processing in traffic monitoring. The device is based on plug-in technology and is inserted as a unit in the outer housing. MultaRadar C will complement the scope of delivery for the mobile sector, and will be used flexibly at different measuring sites in Lithuania.

Lithuania has a poor rating for accident statistics within the European Union. The increase in the volume of traffic in the country, as a result of the constant rise in the number of vehicles, is 220 deaths per one million inhabitants, and deployment of Robots systems is aimed at improving this situation.

The client for the Robot speed monitoring systems is the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, a company set up by the Lithuanian government and whose primary objective is to improve road safety.

Robot has a successful track record in Lithuania over several years. The country already uses previous generation stationary and mobile systems as well as laser systems for mobile traffic monitoring, amongst others.

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