Buses in Denmark Provide Free Wireless Internet

Monday 29 September 2008

Arriva Scandinavia, a leading bus and train operator in Denmark, and NZR have announced the roll out of free broadband internet access services to customers on the Arriva Denmark bus fleet. Twenty three buses have already been equipped with the Multimesh mobile broadband gateway developed by Meshhopper Wireless (member of UK based Something Group). Arriva also selected the Odyssys automatic vehicle location solution that is embedded in all the Multimesh broadband gateways to track and monitor each bus location in real time via the centralised monitoring system that has been developed for real time passenger transport information use.

Arriva is largest bus operator in Denmark, carrying more than 250 million passengers every year.

Arriva Scandinavia awarded the contract for in-bus broadband to Network Zone Relations (NZR), Meshhopper`s representative in the region and a specialist in wireless communication systems.
“Arriva’s roll-out of Wi-Fi for bus passengers is a clear indication of the importance broadband access has in today’s bus industry,” said Louis Preben Nezer, CEO of NZR. “Our winning proposal included free Wi-Fi hotspots supported by revenue-generating advertising; looking to the future, buses with broadband connections will also be able to serve streaming media and other forms of passenger information and entertainment material. MultiMesh is the gateway for this type of dynamic content and we look forward to working with Meshhopper Wireless on similar projects throughout the EU.”

Source : ITS International


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  1. Nuje

    And now, how about those trains? Any insights specially in Copenhagen?


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