APTA Recommendations on Federal Public Transportation Authorizing Law

Post SAFETEA-LU – Transportation for the Future

Approved by the American Public Transportation Association Board of Directors

A Vision for Public Transportation

“In 2050 America’s energy efficient, multi-modal, environmentally sustainable transportation system powers the greatest nation on earth.”

APTA TransitVision 2050

APTA’s vision is that America will lead the world in supporting and sustaining a pre-eminent transportation system. To that end, the federal government must continue to play its key investment role in our nation’s transportation infrastructure – as it has done when needed since the early days of the nation.

APTA’s TransitVision 2050 initiative foresees current trends leading to an extensive multimodal transportation system.  Over time, integration of transportation policy with energy and environmental policy has caused transportation decisions to become more focused on outcomes such as sustainability, quality of life, and long-term economic health and competitiveness.

On the national level, public transportation supports America’s goals and policies, including spurring economic activity, enhancing competitiveness in the global marketplace, reducing dependence on foreign oil, reducing climate-changing greenhouse gases, and providing critical responses in emergencies.  On an individual level, public transportation saves money, reduces the carbon footprint of households, and provides people with choices, freedom, and opportunities.

Authorization of federal surface transportation programs should be directed by two overarching issues, the federal role and purpose in transportation and a vision that can direct transportation policy for the coming decades.   For its part, public transportation needs to be viewed and understood based on its contribution to meeting these stated national goals. For the federal purpose we need look no further than our Constitution.  Among its fundamental duties the federal government is directed to promote both commerce and the common good of its residents.  These same two purposes are the core functions of our surface transportation system.

To view complete recommendation download here –> post_safetea_lu

(Source : apta.com)


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