Bike and Bus in Canada

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Bikes on the Buses


Now you can take your bike on Whitehorse Transit – everywhere we go. Our Bus and Bike system encourages active commuting in Whitehorse. Our entire transit fleet is equipped with bike racks mounted to the front of the bus, each capable of holding two bikes firmly in place. The bike racks are available year round, and are only for 2 wheeled, non-motorized bikes. You pay the regular bus fare, while your bike rides for free.

You are responsible for properly securing your bike, but using the rack is easy. Bicycles are loaded and unloaded by you from the curbside of the bus. The bus operator may not leave the bus to help you load or unload your bike. Whitehorse Transit personnel may, at any time, refuse access to bike loading due to unsafe conditions.

If the bike rack is full, ask the driver if there is room inside the bus for your bike.

Loading your bike

Prepare your bike for loading by removing any loose objects like water bottles, pumps and bags that cold fall off while the bus is in motion.

Approach the bus from the curb and indicate to the operator that you will be loading your bike.

Allow other cyclists to unload his/her bike before loading yours.

If the rack is closed, simply squeeze the handle up to release the latch. Then lower the rack completely.

Your bike should be placed in the spot nearest to the bus. On the rack, check the markings that indicate where the front and rear tire should be placed. (the bike closest to the bus will have the front tire facing the curb; the outer most rack will have the front tire closest to the driver-side of the bus).

Lift your bike onto the rack, fitting the tires into the wheel slots.

Pull the support hook-arm out and over the top of the front tire to secure it in place. The support hook should never go over the frame or fender of the tire.

That’s it – Now you can pay your fare and hop on the bus!

Unloading your bike

Prior to your stop, tell the bus operator that you will be unloading your bike. Exit the bus at the front.

Pull the support hook-arm out and down over the tire to free it.

Lift your bike out of the rack.

If the rack is now empty, fold the rack into the upright, locked position.

Step away from the curbside and signal to the bus operator that you are clear of the bus.


Whitehorse Transit is not responsible for damages incurred or caused by or to bicycles on the Whitehorse Transit property.


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