Bus and light rail statistics Great Britain: July-September 08

This presents the latest quarterly data on passenger satisfaction, bus reliability and bus and light rail patronage in Bus and Light Rail Statistics GB: July to September 2008.

The key points, in seasonally-adjusted terms unless otherwise noted, are as follows.

* The index number for bus and light rail passenger journeys in England in the Summer quarter of 2008 was 124.2, compared with a 2000/01 baseline of 100. Bus and light rail patronage was 4.6 per cent higher than the same period a year earlier, and 0.8 per cent up from the previous quarter.
* Between Summer 2007 and Summer 2008, bus and light rail patronage increased by 4.5 per cent in English metropolitan areas, by 5.3 per cent in English non-metropolitan areas and by 4.2 per cent in London.
* Bus and light rail patronage in Scotland and Wales increased by 0.2 per cent during that same period.
* Following the 2004 spending review, the Department’s PSA on local public transport has been restated as follows:- By 2010, increase the use of public transport (bus and light rail) by more than 12 per cent in England compared with 2000 levels, with growth in every region.
* In Summer 2008, the average score for overall satisfaction given by passengers for the bus journey just completed in England was 82 out of 100, unchanged from the previous quarter. Metropolitan areas and Non-Metropolitan areas both recorded a score of 84, unchanged from the previous quarter. Overall satisfaction rose by two points in London to 81.
* Satisfaction with reliability in England in the latest quarter rose by one point to 71 compared to the previous quarter.
* The latest ONS Omnibus Survey showed that 70 per cent of household residents were very or fairly satisfied with their local bus service while 21 per cent were fairly or very dissatisfied. Non bus users had higher levels of dissatisfaction than bus users.

(Source : http://www.dft.gov.uk)


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