Transjakarta Corridor 8 kicks off Feb. 14

Agnes Winarti ,  The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta   |  Thu, 02/05/2009 4:56 PM  |  City

Transjakarta’s Corridor 8 connecting Lebak Bulus in South Jakarta and Harmoni in Central Jakarta will start operation Feb. 14, officials said Wednesday.

“We did a trial run along the corridor last week. Transjakarta will be ready to launch Corridor on 8 Feb. 14,” said Daryati Asrining Rini, Transjakarta head.

The 28-kilometer corridor has 24 sheltered stops, 17 of which are new.

The route runs between the Lebak Bulus bus terminal and Harmoni busway interchange via Pondok Indah in South Jakarta.

Though Corridor 8 had been scheduled to roll out by September 2008, city administrators and Transjakarta missed several deadlines due to construction delays and a bus shortage, leaving the facilities idle.

As reported earlier, Corridor 8 requires 45 buses. Transjakarta infrastructure manager Taufik Adiwianto said for the February launch, Corridor 8 would borrow some of the 426 existing buses from Corridors 1 to 7.

“Within the week we will complete our operational plan for Corridor 8 and decide whether we can operate the full route or only half. It depends on how many buses we can reassign from the seven running corridors,” Taufik said.

He added that ideally Corridor 8 buses would have five minutes headway, the standard time interval between buses for all corridors.

Land transportation division head at the transportation agency, Hendah Sunugroho, said the use of buses from other corridors might mire the already slow headway on existing corridors which often surpass the five-minute mark.

Current headway between buses on Corridor 1 (Blok M-Kota) is three to five minutes, in Corridors 2 (Pulo Gadung-Harmoni), 3 (Kalideres-Harmoni), 4 (Pulo Gadung-Dukuh Atas), 5 (Ancol-Kampung Melayu), and 7 (Kampung Rambutan-Kampung Melayu) it varies from five to 10 minutes. Corridor 6 Ragunan-Kuningan headway can be up to 20 minutes.

Besides bus availability, some Corridor 8 lane separators show signs of wear and tear, though Hendah has said the damage was minor.

This year, the city has allocated Rp 15 billion (US$1.27 million) for maintenance on all 10 corridors.

Still-idle corridors 9 and 10 are scheduled to be up and running by mid-2009. Corridor 9 runs between Pinangranti in East Jakarta and Pluit in North Jakarta; Corridor 10, between Cililitan in East Jakarta and Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta.

Construction on the three corridors has missed several deadlines. All originally were set to launch in September 2007, before then Governor Sutiyoso ended his term.

Governor Fauzi Bowo then set the launch deadline for April 2008 before postponing it to September. Fauzi also put new transportation agency heads in place in July to improve performance.

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