Transjakarta : Corridor 8 to launch with a whimper

Agnes Winarti ,  The Jakarta Post ,  JAKARTA   |  Fri, 02/06/2009 11:00 AM  |  City

Transjakarta will run the new Lebak Bulus-Harmoni route below capacity, providing less than half of the recommended buses for its February launch.

“Half of Corridor 8 will open, from Lebak Bulus to Jelambar shelter in West Jakarta,” said Daryati Asrining Rini, the head of Transjakarta, on Thursday.

Rini said that running only half the route would not disrupt the service because Corridor 3 linked Kalideres and Harmoni.

The Corridor 8 was built to connect Lebak Bulus terminal in South Jakarta and Harmoni Busway Central in Central Jakarta.

Rini said passengers wanting to continue to Harmoni had to transfer to Corridor 3 at Jelambar shelter.

The new corridor will only run 20 buses, down from 45 buses previously required to comply with the five-minute headway time.

The 20 buses to run along Corridor 8 are reassigned buses from the existing corridors, 1 to 7.

The shelters and lanes for Corridor 8, built about a year ago, are already showing signs of wear.

The road division head at the city public works agency, Hasnil Hasan Basri, said his agency was repairing the damaged separators between the corridor and regular road lanes.

“The broken separators along Corridor 8 totaled about 800 meters long,” he said. “We have repaired 200 meters so far.”

However, the repaired parts were already beginning to show new signs of damage, Hasnil said.

His agency has allocated some Rp 3 billion toward repairing busway lanes this year.

The traffic and road transportation division head at the transportation agency, Muhammad Akbar, said PT Waskita Karya, the developer of Corridor 8, was also responsible for repairing the broken busway infrastructure.

“The corridor is still within the one-year maintenance tenure after construction,” he said.

“The corridor has fulfilled the minimum requirements for a bus to pass along its lane and to stop at shelters. Broken automatic doors and roofs at shelters can be fixed while the corridor operates.”

The 28-kilometer-long corridor has a total of 24 shelters, 17 of which are new. It takes a Transjakarta bus 2.5 to four hours to travel Corridor 8 from Lebak Bulus to Harmoni.

As for the fate of the idle corridors 9 and 10, Rini did not provide any details.

Akbar said Corridor 9 linking Pinangranti in East Jakarta and Pluit in North Jakarta and Corridor 10 linking Cililitan in East Jakarta and Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta were unable to operate.
The three corridors have missed their deadlines several times due to the absence of buses.

Corridor 8 for February:

Lebak Bulus Terminal – Jl. Ciputat Raya – Jl. TB Simatupang – Jl. Pasar Jumat – Jl. Pondok Indah – Jl. Iskandar Muda – Jl. Teuku Nyak Arif – Jl Letjen Soepomo – Jl. Panjang – Jelambar shelter

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